Bioseaweed Gel Unity All In One Gel Polish

I was so excited when I got the chance to review this product. I’ve been super curious about it because the company, Bioseaweed Gel, promises it’s unlike any other gel polish on the market. I’ve tried so many brands now and can tell the subtle differences between all the brands, as I’ve mentioned in past reviews. Bioseaweed Gel Unity All In One is different because you don’t have to use a base or top coat, which I was super skeptical about, and the color coats dry hard, not tacky. Also, they advertise to use natural sunlight to cure the polishes. Here are the pics. I used Pomegranate, a beautiful pink red color. It’s great for summer but will be lovely for fall and winter as well.

I didn’t cure my nails in the sunlight, I used my UV lamps and did two minute cure times for each coat. I did two color coats and a top coat. I feel like my nails are harder than when I use Gelish and feels comparable to OPI or YoungNails Mani-Q. My nails feel very strong, even with just three coats of product. Usually when I do Gelish or OPI, I do three color coats and two top coats plus a base coat. So I have three less layers on with this product, and my nails feel great!

The polish applied fabulously! I have to admit, I did this mani fairly quickly because I was waiting for my friend Nancy to come over for her nail appointment and I wanted to see if she liked my pretty red nails (which she did!) The polish did tend to pull away from the free edge so I would paint one nail, flash cure it for 10-20 seconds, and then do the the next nail, until I had done all five nails and they all got a full two minute cure. I tested the second color coat to see if it really was “dry and hard” and sure enough, it cured UN-tacky! Unlike any other gel polish I’ve used! Amazing! It would be great on toes not to do a top coat! Hands take such a beating I think in order to maximize results a top coat would be fundamental. But if you like to change your color a lot, Bioseaweedgel would be perfect because it is almost half as many steps as other leading brands! Oh, another great feature–Bioseaweed promises no wrinkling or shrinking, which is my biggest pet peeve with gel polish. Although I did do thin coats, I thickened the coat on two fingers to see if they would wrinkle or shrink, and sure enough, it cured perfectly!

On Bioseaweed’s website, it states that there are over 130 colors to choose from, which is wonderful! I want them all! Oh, by the way, I used Fingr’s Heart2Art Lace Stamp on my ring finger, which I bought at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. I gotta admit, I am not super impressed with Fingr’s stamping plates so far. I love all their decals, striping tape & tatoos! But the stamps just were not easy to work with, unlike my plates I ordered off Amazon. I love them so I think I will keep trying–it could be that I am using the wrong polish possibly!

Ok, the moral of this story is that I would definitely recommend Bioseaweed Gel if you can get a good price on shipping in the U.S. I believe the company is working their way into the U.S. market so I feel as if we will be seeing it shortly in our beauty supply stores locally. I will check with the corporate offices and see what they have to say about this theory of mine. 🙂

Click on the link below to visit their awesome website:

And here is a cute outfit I put together on Polyvore to go with this polish color!

Bioseaweedgel Unity All in One Pomegranate Gel Polish

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by Anna

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