You can have new feet! Plus a great pedi offer…

One of the biggest problems I have encountered since I’ve become a nail tech is dry, callused feet. A lot of people have come to the conclusion that there is nothing to be done for their problem feet. However, I LOVE working on “bad” feet! And I guarantee you will love the results after an hour in my pedicure chair! Or else your pedicure is free! In fact, mention this post and get my Spa Pedicure, normally priced at $35, for $25! Normally a pedicure takes me about an hour, but if you want me to get your feet like new again, I will spend as much time as it takes.

If your not able to make it into the salon right away, there are some easy at home remedies you can be doing. You want to find a good cream that is either glycolic, salicylic or alpha hydroxy acid based. Locally, the best ones I have found are Bath and Body Works Heel of Approval or Tough Love, OPI Soften or Smooth (I believe Trade Secrets in the Mall sells these, or you can buy them online) and my dear friend Amanda swears by Origins foot creams. Also, Sherry Larson, a local Arbonne representative, sells an amazing herbal, all natural foot cream as well. Her number is 435.680.3731. If you put this cream on at night with a pair of socks, only on the dry spots, and then lightly buff them during your morning shower, you will see amazing results. The AHA’s, glycolic, and salicylic acids gently break down the dry skin while you sleep. It’s wonderful!

Call me if you have any questions or just stop by the salon!


by Anna

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