Why I Love My Totally Imperfect Mom Hands

I’ve been slightly un-inspired in the nail department lately. I look at my hands and nails and think, “I should do some fun nail art or swatch some polishes I haven’t swatched yet…” and then I proceed to find a closet that needs to be organized. Or I take a nap instead. Today as I was scrubbing the dirty walls in my sons bedroom I looked at my nails and realized, I don’t always have to write about perfect, cute stuff. It’s ok to embrace imperfections. I totally, honestly believe our imperfections are what makes life extraordinarily interesting. I also believe you can tell a lot about a person by the condition of their hands.

Back when I was younger and a church going person, I heard a talk in sacrament on Mother’s Day that I’ve never forgotten. The woman giving the talk was my piano teacher and she was talking about her mother’s hands. I don’t remember the details but I remember the emotion behind the details. She could barely get through the talk. Her parents had died when she was in high school and I believe she raised her siblings on her own after they passed away. I’m sure her mother was a pianist because she herself was such an amazing pianist, and I’m sure her mother was an extremely hard worker because everyone worked hard back in those days in order to survive. And I’m sure her mother’s hands were not beautiful or perfect…but to the young girl who had lost her mother many years past, I’m positive they were amazing and obviously unforgettable.

I’m not sure a son will remember his mother’s hands like a daughter might but I hope my boys will always remember the love, devotion, and hard work my imperfect hands do for them day in and day out. Not that I expect recognition or an award or an unforgettable speech. All I expect is for my boys to know I love them more than anything in the world and would do anything for them…including forgoing perfectly manicured nails if it means spending a little more time with them and their dad.

I had a hard time taking these pictures of my hands. They are looking far from beautiful these days. I removed my gel polish last week and have been letting my nails “rest” but I’ve also been doing a lot of heavy duty cleaning and gardening lately which has destroyed my skin. At 37 weeks preggers, my skin is dryer than it’s ever been for some reason. I look at all the perfect nails and hands on Instagram daily and can’t help from beating myself up just a little bit for not looking like that.

It seems that there’s never a shortage of images in our lives that have the ability to either temporarily or permanently instill some sort of failure on our consciousness. Perfect nails, perfect bodies, perfect homes, perfect jobs, perfect vacations, perfect children…it’s never ending. And for the most part it’s so unrealistic.

Here they are in all their imperfect glory...I'll understand if you need to judge :)

Here they are in all their imperfect glory…yikes! Usually I would lather up with lotion and oil before a pic but this pic is totally uncensored! 🙂

Ugly nails and dry skin aside, I have been in ultimate prioritize mode. I feel like I have only so many hours and days left till we welcome a new little baby boy into our home. Everyone has different priorities, and although nice nails should probably be at the top of my list considering my line of work, I just know there are more important things I need to be doing. I will take care of my nails eventually and I’m not giving up on “chic nails” AT ALL. I can’t wait to do some fun summer nails! I might even whip out some “hospital” nails…something neutral and pretty that won’t drive me crazy while I’m working through contractions…ha ha. But for now I am going to do my best to keep my skin hydrated, my hang nails trimmed, and my cracked nails filed down as evenly as possible and possibly slightly presentable.

I am definitely going to stop criticizing myself for not having perfect nails. Life’s too short to not love everything about it. Even the imperfections and challenges.

Here’s to all the wonderful, amazing, totally imperfect mother’s in our lives. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading.


by Anna

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