The Waves Of The Sea…

…help me get back to me.

I did this mani pretty quickly yesterday. I just filed off my Imagine Dragons mani and redid the ring and middle finger. Easy Peasy. The more I look at it, the more I realize this mani would look amazing in the sand…on a beach…with waves and water and sunshine.

I am loving this color scheme :)

I am loving this color scheme 🙂

My sisters booked a beach camping trip in August for San Clemente Beach. We might try to make it with them but it might be kind of tricky taking a two month old baby camping. Or it might be the best idea we’ve ever had. 🙂 Regardless, nothing speaks to my soul like being by the ocean with my husband and son. 🙂 I have dreams on a regular basis of being by the ocean in Mexico, Alaska, and Connecticut…the three places I’ve lived next to the beach.

I tell my husband we should try moving to the ocean somewhere. Just try it out. Maybe it won’t be for us. But I know any time we get to the ocean, we don’t want to leave. Westin could run along the surf all day long, which is what we let him do last summer when we went to Avila Beach.

I am 100% certain the beach speaks to Westin too 🙂

What’s your favorite beach destination?

Thanks for reading…xoxo!


by Anna

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