Operation Valentines Day–Part3

A Lovely Mani for Monday

February is here! Only 11 days till V-Day! I know a lot of people are not a fan of the day of love, which I totally understand, but I can’t help myself! Even if I didn’t have a reason to celebrate I would still love all the fun themes that go along with Valentines Day.

I did these nails for my beautiful friend Nicole. She told me I could have free reign. Well, anything but flowers is what she said. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to do …

Red Hot Sultry Nails!

Love notes, kisses, and gold glittery hearts = super sexy and sultry!

I bought these adorable nail tattoos last summer and haven’t used them much. I threw away the directions right away on accident and applied them wrong so I was afraid. But then Fingrs posted a tutorial on how to apply them the correct way and my life is whole again. I tried to find them to buy online and it’s nearly impossible. Here’s a link to see all the patterns in the package and then it looks like Walmart …

My New Website! New Valentines Day Nail Art! New Giveaway!

First off, if you’ve been following me for a while you might notice my site is ALL NEW! My husband has been working his butt off getting it live and we just did a soft launch yesterday to make sure everything was working right. What do you think? I would love some feedback! I’ll still be posting nail art and other random thoughts but we added some new features which I’ll go over below:

1. My Amazon Shop! I’ve been wanting to sell nail products for a long time but am …

Nail art pictures!

Here are some pics from today!

They are all done with soak off gel polish—my preferred medium when working with nail art. It’s very forgiving! I used gel polish to do the heart and the roses. You just kind of blot a dark color on first, then add a darker color as highlights for the petals. Very easy! The pink is Pink Flamenco by OPI and the white is Alpine Snow…my favorite white for gel polish because it doesn’t wrinkle. I am loving the floral nail art trend. Kaitlin Ferland on …

More Valentine’s Day Nail Art!

missconde from Instagram Anti-Gravity Nails

I love doing nails in February! I think Pink is probably my favorite color of nail polish and I have been using a lot of pink lately! Plus, it’s just nice always creating nails about love! 🙂 I have seen some hilarious Valentine’s Day nails on Instagram that have a little bit different take on love, as you can see below….the anti Valentine’s Day nails. The nail artist’s username on Instagram is missconde and she does amazing work. These nails were actually inspired by another …

Super cute V day nails!

I just wanted to share these adorable nails! They are done with gel polish–Shake it till you samba, alpine snow, and a glittery silver by Gelish….can’t remember the name! Darn it!
I think I might even get my own set of valentines day nails this weekend! I’m having so much fun! 🙂