Chic Salon Styles–Dreamy Salons and Spas

What makes a great nail salon or spa? I think about this question a lot. The salon of my dreams would be ultra clean and bright with tons of natural lighting as well as bright overhead lights. The nail tables would be unique and modern and the pedicure area would be so comfortable clients would have a hard time staying awake. I would offer my guests refreshing treats and showcase live music occasionally. I don’t have plans in the near future to open a salon just in case anyone was …

Busy day yesterday doing what I love to do!

I worked hard yesterday! And had fun doing it! It’s always a good day when I don’t get behind more than ten minutes….it turned out to be a great day! It didn’t hurt to look out the window and see a beautiful sun shiney day either! I am soooooo ready for spring!

Here are a few pics from my day….
These are sculpted gel with a hot pink gel polish layered with a sparkly red. I hand painted the hearts with acrylic paints….

These are sculpted gel with red and black gel polish …

Does speed matter?

I just read a blog on Nails Magazine about some nail techs that can do three services in the amount of time it takes me to do one. They were saying they can do a full set of gel polish in 20 minutes, with removal. I’ve taken classes from this company before and speed seems to be a focus for them….

I haven’t been in the business nearly as long as these people have, but a common complaint with my clients is that they felt like other nail techs rushed through …