Tiffany & Company Manicure–China Glaze For Audrey, OPI Alpine Snow, Gold Glitter, Gold Studs, Pearls and Rhinestones

My sketch of the Tiffany mani….took me all night!


Tiffany glam mani with China Glaze For Audrey and OPI Alpine Snow….oh and 24 carat gold glitter for an added bonus!

Tiffany nails! China Glaze For Audrey and OPI Alpine Snow


Gorgeous Tiffany Nails! China Glaze For Audrey is my most favorite nail polish color of all time!


I have been begging my beautiful friend Ashley to let me paint her nails for a long time. Well, honestly I started begging a few weeks ago….before that I …

My Favorite Quick Dry Topcoat–Seche Vite–The Very Best In My Opinion….

I’ve tried tons of top coats. Some quick dry, some not so quick. I do really like CND’s quick dry topcoat and Out The Door top coat, but my very favorite by far, so far, has been Seche Vite. Not only does it dry your polish VERY QUICK, I mean like, lightening fast, it also holds up longer than any other top coat I have tried so far. I can usually polish my own nails and be ready to use them after a few minutes. With glitter polish, it’s even …