Alpine Snow By OPI GelColor French Ombre

These beautiful nails belong to my beautiful friend Dena who just got home from Hawaii :-))) lucky girl!

We use gel push on her and she usually gets at least four weeks wear time–she has THE best nails EVER!

I applied a base coat, cured it, then painted a generous amount of Alpine Snow on all five finger tips. I then sponged off around the nail bed with a makeup sponge and cured two minutes. I repeated another coat of alpine snow, cured, and then sponged in a generous coat …

My own nails

Here’s a pic of my own nails. I used gel polish and layered OPI Funny Bunny with Pedal Faster Suzi. I cured both color coats and then dipped my nail bed in a light pink glitter mixture and applied two top coats to smooth out the glitter. When you do glitter with gel polish it will be gritty on your fingertips but after you’ve washed your hair once the grittiness goes away. Don’t try to file the ends to smooth them out or else the gel polish wont last as …

I pampered myself!

I would like to start off by saying that I have the best job in the world! As a matter of fact I decided to switch my BA in education to a BA in business because I love my job so much! I have worn many career hats over the years. In fact I am going to lust them just for S&G’s 🙂

1980’s: babysit neighbor kids, work with dad on handy man projects
1990’s: motel housekeeping at the Shady Motel in Caliente, NV; short stint as pianist at a restaurant in …