The Sense of Smell

The Amazing Sense of Smell

In my past life, I was a store manager at Bath and Body Works. It was probably the longest year of my life and one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever done but I learned so much and don’t regret doing it. All in all it was a good experience and it paid the bills during the months after my husband and I left our restaurant business at The Fairway Grill. You can read that whole story HERE.

One thing I learned at Bath and Body …

Barking Seal Disease Strikes Again!

Doterra Breathe Essential Oil


Here is one of my favorite products of all time! It’s an essential oil from an amazing company called Doterra Oils that helps with respiratory function. My little boy has had respiratory problems ever since he was about 9-10 months. Which isn’t as bad as some kids. One of my friend’s son had serious asthma as a small baby! I’m sure all mother’s and father’s and caregiver’s out there would agree with me that there is nothing worse in life than having a sick child, right????

Well …