Rhonna Designs–My Favorite iPhone App Ever!

I love finding new amazing apps! I found Rhonna’s app because it was a top recommended app through Apple. It is wonderful for designing uber cute “stuff” for your blog. It’s also great for editing pictures! She makes everything ultra customizeable and offers TONS of adorable graphics and fonts!

Here is a link to her website 🙂

If you follow Rhonna on Instagram @rhonnafarrer she offers great editing and tutorial advice…there is so much available to do with the app a few tutorials are a good idea!

I love that she lives …

My Free Time List

Everyone keeps asking me what I will do with all my free time now that I am not working at the salon anymore so I thought I would compile a list for them. That way I can just tell them, visit my blog and it will describe my day in detail. But just to clarify, I LOVED working at the salon! I love to work in general and earn money. But I have always considered being a stay at home mom a serious job–if I look at it like a …