Spring Glam Nail Art Tutorial–Essie Splash of Grenadine, Essie Good As Gold, Gold Studs, Star Stamping, 22kt Gold Glitter


This is my sister Mandy probably 12 years ago when we were living together on Main Street...isn't she a babe! :)

This is my sister Mandy probably 12 years ago when we were living together on Main Street…isn’t she a babe! 🙂

Mandy in my kitchen...one of our favorite places to hang out. Still a babe!

Mandy in my kitchen…one of our favorite places to hang out. Still a babe!

These cute nails belong to my big sister Mandy. She came over to my house yesterday to let our kids play and get their wiggles out and I talked her into letting me paint her nails. She has been wanting me to do either gel or acrylic sculpted tips to increase her length but I didn’t have time yesterday…maybe tomorrow! I know I use a lot of the same polish colors and I want to apologize about that, but I don’t feel too bad 🙂 When I find a polish I like, I will use it over and over again. I want to start doing more swatches to showcase certain colors but for tutorials I like to stick to the most popular colors. Do you agree with this?

I think her nails look really cute short. She is a nail biter (which I did not know about for some reason!) but after we painted them they were adorable and a perfect length for her busy life. She’s got three rambunctious girls and I’m not sure she is ready for long nails. I’m not certain nail biters are the best candidates for sculpted nails either. I’ve found that usually if a person picks or bites their nails they will pick and bite the extensions which is a bad thing. We are going to try to keep up on a weekly buff and polish for her and hope she will have pretty, healthy nails in no time! I think we see pictures of perfectly shaped nails and think maybe we should try to have perfectly shaped nails too, but maybe sometimes we should just work with what we have been given and make the most of it right? Or maybe we will actually do Brisa Lite on Mandy next time and let her nails grow into the shape and length she likes the best. As long as she doesn’t bite them! 🙂

I just love my sister so much and we are so lucky to live in the same town…most of the time anyway! 🙂 My son worships the ground her daughters walk on (well two of them anyway….sorry Dylan….) But seriously, Mandy is the most patient person I have ever known. She is also the most forgiving person ever. I don’t know how she puts up with me because I am the exact opposite! Eek! Mandy helps me out so much and I have learned so much from her!!! Love you sis!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring! It’s our Spring Break here in St. George and we are soaking up every minute! And a little too much sun–I got a pretty bad sunburn today but I’m going to slather myself in aloe vera and lavender oil so I think I might survive. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


by Anna

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