Recycled Mani!

I bet you’re wondering what the heck a recycled mani is…well when I did my Ikat Mani
Ikat Mani Tutorial
I did the nail art over my existing gel polish mani with Striperite polish, which worked perfectly. Honestly, I am ready for a new set of nails after a few days…I think a week is the longest I’ve gone with the same color on my nails…and it was this mani here as a matter of fact 🙂 I just realized how dry my skin looks in that picture…obviously I haven’t been wearing my cleaning gloves religiously!

so so so sorry about the dry skin! Please forgive me! :)))

So so so sorry about the dry skin! Please don’t judge! 🙂 I loved this color from BioSeaWeedGel and kept it on for a whole week…

I simply removed the Ikat Nail Art quickly with acetone remover in order to do a new design…key word being quickly. Don’t let the acetone remain on your gel polish for very long or it will break down your gel polish…

Recycle Your Mani!

Recycle Your Mani!

Here’s the corresponding outfit for this mani 🙂

Recycled Mani

I used Fingrs Heart2Art Products and some cute studs I picked up at Sally’s–I couldn’t find links to buy them so I found some similar products on Amazon…

Love Note Water Transfers

3D Nail Art Wheel of 2mm Round Hemisphere Pearls in 12 Different Colors

What do you think of my Recycled Mani? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, I have a bunch of fun ideas for Friday so stay tuned!

Does anyone have super fun plans for Labor Day Weekend??? I really would love to go up to the Mountains or the Country…I’m bummed I’m not going out to Pioche for Labor Day weekend because Pioche, Nevada is THE FUNNEST place to celebrate Labor Day. I’m not even joking. 🙂 I would love to hear how you will be celebrating Labor Day!

I would also love to see pics of your nail art! Email me your pics and I’ll post them on my site!

Thanks so much for reading!


by Anna

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