OPI Live.Love.Carnaval–the perfect coral polish!

I think I’ve found my new favorite polish. How do I know? Because I can’t stop staring at my nails! I am in love with this shade! It’s from the new OPI Brazil Collection which is OPI’s Spring 2014 Collection. It’s a bright, fun, flashy coral that will transition perfectly for summer. I can’t wait to use it for my next pedi! Of course it’ll look adorable on toes as well! I love the way it goes with my skin tone too. I have a yellowish tinged skin tone and usually blue reds and turquoise colors go well with my skin so I’m not quite sure why this color works but it’s definitely a keeper! I need to study skin tones and colors more because I get asked quite often what colors go with what skin tones. I usually just say if you like the color wear it regardless if it is perfect for you or not but I think it does make a difference when it suits your skin tone perfectly.

I am loving these tiny black polka dots lately...simple but cute!

I am loving these tiny black polka dots lately…simple but cute!

Doesn't this diamond and silver bow match fabulously with my new ring! :)

Doesn’t this diamond and silver bow match fabulously with my new ring! 🙂

I couldn’t decide what design to do today, but opted for this girly look because I wanted to use these new bows I got from my Shop and also because it looks so cute with my new Valentines Day ring. This is actually the first wedding ring we’ve ever bought for me and no it’s not the biggest or the flashiest but it’s really perfect for me. I need to take it in and get it sized because it’s rather loose (I’ve actually been wearing it on my right hand so it doesn’t fall off) and I tend to lose any nice jewelry I ever own. Jason bought me a pretty ruby and diamond ring for Mother’s Day one year and while working in the yard it disappeared and then I somehow lost my beautiful gold Citizen watch (I think it might have gotten stolen from my locker at the gym) and most recently I lost my mom’s gold wedding band from her and my dad’s marriage, which makes me literally sick to the stomach. 🙁 I keep hoping that all of these keepsakes will reappear one day. So needless to say I have gotten into the habit of buying cheap jewelry for myself…which I never seem to lose! 🙂

Tips and Tricks

About the polish, I thought I read a review on these polishes somewhere saying they all needed three coats for even coverage but I do not feel like that is the case with Live.Love.Carnaval. I only did two coats and think the application was flawless. When you do the black polka dots, make sure they are completely dry before you put a top coat on or they will streak. And to keep the bows in place really well, place a big “blob” of top coat on the back of the bow and then place it on the nail. After it’s set for a little bit, take a stylus and place big “blobs” of top coat all around and under the edges of the bow. You could add a few “blobs” throughout the week to keep it in place really well. Let me know if there is a better description other than “blob” for this super professional technique. 🙂 Also, if you do happen to order these bows from my Shop, give yourself a little bit of a wait period for shipping because they come directly from China. For me it was worth the wait because they are so cheap but if you need them right away I would go another route.

Get The Look

That’s it for now! I can’t wait to swatch some more shades from the Brazil Collection because they are all so cute!

Thank you so much reading and let me know if you have any questions!


by Anna

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