OPI Kiss Me I’m Brazilian GelColor Review

The Perfect Spring Pink GelPolish!

I stopped in Salon Centric a couple mornings ago to pick up a bottle of Essie Good As Gold. That was all I needed. But of course I had to check out the entire nail aisle while I was there. And of course I walked out of there with six new GelColor shades. However, I did get two free top coats as well!

Pretty much every store I go in! :((((

Pretty much every store I go in! :((((

I can’t wait to swatch all my new colors—I bought three pastels, a new red, and a new blue–so much fun!

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian is so pretty! I am always hesitant to buy more pinks because I have so many but this is different from any other OPI pink. It’s much lighter and more of a bubblegum pink. The application was flawless with three light coats. I feel like OPI has possibly improved their formula over the last year or so because every bottle of GelColor I’ve bought recently has been perfect.

Create The Look With Lacquer!

I added the aztec design with Young Nails Mani Q Green 101 on the ring finger (over Alpine Snow) and Alpine Snow on the middle finger. It’s a very simple, easy design. Basically a series of triangles. I do very light strokes with a fine nail art brush and keep reapplying color till I get the darkness I am trying to achieve.

Aztec Spring Nail Art

Aztec Spring Nail Art

Here you can see all the pink GelColor’s I own. I am pretty sure I am only missing Shorts Story which is newer and I desperately need. 🙂

This picture is slightly darker than real life...

This picture is slightly darker than real life…and I’m sorry I messed up Pompeii Purple’s name! I’m losing it!

Check back soon for more GelColor swatches!

I hope you have an amazing weekend! My son started soccer this week and I signed up to coach because no one else volunteered yet. I was so nervous because I know nothing about soccer except you can’t use your hands. We had our first game last night and the boys did awesome. I felt bad for the other team because they didn’t have a coach and hadn’t practiced yet but my boys were so excited about their big win! We have another one tomorrow morning and then just plan on relaxing and enjoying this beautiful weekend. Oh, I do need to get an assignment turned in for my Financing Class. And my husband and I might rip out our hedge in front of the porch. Nothing major though.

Anyone have amazing plans??? Because if you do I want to hear them! :))))

Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Spring!


by Anna

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