OPI GelColor Pastel Need Sunglasses

Pastel Nails For Spring and Easter

I am in love with this color! It’s the perfect creamy yellow gel polish for a spring or Easter mani and will transition well into summer as well. I applied three coats in these pictures.

Feathers and flowers!

Feathers and flowers!

This color has been a love/hate relationship for me, as have all the Pastel GelColor’s I have used so far. They don’t want to cure right for me. If you are having this same problem with your Pastel GelColor’s, what has worked for me is to do a combination of LED and UV curing. I cure in my LED light first for 30-60 seconds and then in my UV light for two minutes. Also, I have been shaking the bottles really well. It’s an annoying process but I just love these colors so much I’m willing to put up with the headache.

Here is Need Sunglasses and I Just Can’t Cope-A-Cabana compared next to each other and then another picture of some nails I did with I Just Can’t Cope-A-Cabana

I Just Can't Cope-A-Cabana from the Brazil Collection is brighter and more vibrant than the Pastel version of Need Sunglasses.

I Just Can’t Cope-A-Cabana from the Brazil Collection is brighter and more vibrant than the Pastel version of Need Sunglasses.

I Just Can't Cope-A-Cabana OPI GelColor

I Just Can’t Cope-A-Cabana OPI GelColor

Feather and Flower Nail Art

For the feather I used OPI Alpine Snow polish and with very light strokes brushed on the lines until I achieved just the right amount of “wispiness”. I was going for a swan feather effect. I then added a few highlights of Essie Good As Gold for texture. The flowers I used a light pink polish, OPI Got A Date To-Knight, and blobbed the base of the flowers on in the random pattern. I then went back with Essie Madison Ave-Hue and drew in the petals. For the leaves I used Essie Mojito Madness and highlighted the leaves with Essie Good As Gold. Once your nail art has dried do another thin top coat over it, cure, and you’re all set!

I love these swan feather nail tattoos if you don’t want to attempt to draw them yourself!

This USpicy lamp is both LED and UV so it would be easy to switch back and forth if your gel polish isn’t curing accurately.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ve got a lot of fun Easter mani ideas coming up plus I am teaming up with some amazing bloggers and nail techs to give you guys some fabulous reviews and giveaways! Stay tuned!


by Anna

2 thoughts on “OPI GelColor Pastel Need Sunglasses

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi there, I was so excited to stumble across the Uspicy uv/led light and was so hoping it would be a great light at an affordable price. My experience has been a bummer. It can’t switch between uv/led it’s both at the same time. There were hardly any instructions. The bottom reflective plate is removable, but it’s held together with magnets that don’t hold together very well. My OPI gelcolors and youngnails gels don’t cure well in this lamp. Maybe I got a bad egg, idk. Has anyone else tried this lamp with better results?
    I do have to say that Amazon got it to me super fast though.

    • ChicAdmin says:

      Hi Wendy–that is a total bummer! I haven’t used the LED/UV light yet but I love their UV light. That being said I have the StarPro LED/UV light and it is just weird! I have to hold my hand in the exact perfect position for the LED lights to cure evenly. And it’s impossible for me to have clients use it. 🙁 I want to get the new OPI LED light…but I hate spending so much money on supplies! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience though–did you try returning it to Amazon?

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