Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish

Here is a picture of Essie Mint Candy Apple on my stubby little nails…..I really love this color! I was hoping it would be a minty green but it’s more a Robin Egg Blue shade. I think Essie Turquoise and Caicos might be the minty green shade I am searching for. I want to paint my lovely friend Ashley’s nails with T&C to show you how pretty it is….she has gorgeous nails! Anyway, I do love Mint Candy Apple by Essie and you can buy it here on Amazon:

Essie Mint Candy Apple on Amazon

Here is a pic on my nails!


I applied two heavy coats and went back over with a third lighter coat to fill in soft spots. I finished with a thick coat of Seche Vite and my nails looked beautiful and dried hard in under ten minutes! I think this color will be super cute with an Easter themed mani! Soft pinks and purples and whites… pretty!

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


by Anna

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