Do you believe in miracles?

I feel compelled to write about what a miraculous world we live in….

I have come to learn that my career is more than just making a person feel good about the appearance of their hands and feet. Although I love this aspect of it and am passionate about all aspects of the beauty industry, what I have come to realize I love the most about my job is all the beautiful people I encounter along the way. And better yet, I hear the most amazing, miraculous stories about their lives.

Due to “scheduling errors” on my part, I was late for my appointment this morning with one of the most beautiful girls I know (this is not a regular occurrence for me, just to let you know…) I was so nervous she was going to be upset when I arrived, but she was just beaming and so happy to see me. We started her Shellac removal on her toes while her foils were processing in her hair, and then finished her toes after her hair appointment was complete. Her purple Gelish polish turned out awesome as usual (fyi her gel polish on her toes lasts a beautiful six weeks!) The best part about this appointment with this amazing client was not her cute toes though πŸ™‚ She told me she is 20 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby boy!!!! Your probably thinking, “People get pregnant every day, what’s the big deal???” Well, maybe your not thinking that because a new baby is always a big deal. But the amazing part of this story is that this girl and her husband didn’t think they would ever be able to have a biological child. So a little over two years ago they brought home a beautiful baby girl from the hospital through the amazing, wonderful process of adoption. She’s told me as I have gotten to know her that they were working on the adoption process again and planning on expanding their family, but I guess someone had other plans for them! When she told me her wonderful news it took me a second to see the clearly through the tears welling up in my eyes-I can’t help myself- I hear a miraculous story, I tear up! So congratulations to this amazing mother and her husband and beautiful little daughter (who I secretly want my son to marry someday! Guess it’s not a secret anymore! πŸ™‚ )

I also wanted to congratulate my amazing friend and client Teva on her new baby Eden Sky, who was born a week ago on October 8. All babies and children are miracles in and of themselves, in my opinion πŸ™‚

So to end my story about miracles, I am offering a miraculous discount–anyone who signs up to follow my blog will receive 50% any one salon service I offer! Just click on Β “follow me” and leave me a little note so that I know who you are, just in case you are signed in undercover or something. Β Better yet, leave me a story about a miracle in a comment! I LOVE reading about miracles! πŸ™‚ Thanks again for reading and thanks for letting me have the best job in the world!


Sweet Chocolate and Bronzed Gelish gel polish on my lovely client Susan

Bella's Vampire and Vegas Nights Gelish soak off gel polish on my beautiful sister Sarah

by Anna

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in miracles?

  1. Mary Russell says:

    Hi Anna ~ That was a beautiful story and I teared up after reading about you tearing up. Isn’t life beautiful in so many ways. I, also, love working for people in doing services that improve and/or beautify their lives. You have a great web site. I love how the photos on your home page now scroll so you see many continuously. Sounds like you are in a happy spot!

    • admin says:

      thanks for reading and commenting Mom! Life is so beautiful! I have been stressed out all week and when I heard this story this morning, it put life in perspective for me and made me realize there are so many bigger and really important things in life. For the most part, I truly do believe that everything in life and on this planet happens for a reason….

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